Splitboarding with a guide

Splitboarding or snowboard touring is gaining popularity every year in snowboarding. You go with a guide on a known skitour or we make our own track up. In this case, it can go from tours of roughly 500 altitude meters (about 2hrs effective climbing time) to a whole day of touring. The choice of snowboard tours is adapted to the physical condition and knowledge of the participants, from beginners to experienced riders.

The great thing about splitboarding is that you are usually farther away from the well-known pistes and you can enjoy the natural spectacle that the winter mountains have built for you At the same time, you also have to take into account that you are exposed to the mountain face for longer while “skinning”, which increases the risk factor. Splitboarding and therefore touring generally require even more preparation and insight into avalanche and alpine security.

Also in terms of material, there is a bit more preparation, with which you will be helped in advance. White Sessions offers tours tailored to demand and taking into account the weather conditions. You can also choose to learn how to splitboard, where White Sessions will prepare a session on and near the slopes.

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